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The cap & gown are important keepsakes, but nobody wants the boring cookie cutter photos that everyone else has.

get the stunning epic impact photos you want now! Priceless yet affordable images for parents & students.

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 epic senior pictures

It may be your first solo portrait session, and your last portrait before leaving home for your own adventures.

Capture images that appeal to your interests and style for your feed now- and for your parents to display for years to come.

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Places to take senior pictures Peoria Az senior grad pictures Anthem scottsdale high school portraits photographer Anjeanette Photography Phx Arizona

senior portraits Peoria and Glendale Az High School Grad & Seniors

Anjeanette Photography took my daughter’s senior pictures, and we are thrilled with them. She took a young woman who hates to be photographed and captured her inner and outer beauty. Her calming nature and creativity made us both feel comfortable, and my daughter felt like she could be herself, which is why the photos are so great! We love the photos, my daughter loves the photos, and I can’t wait to give them as Christmas gifts this year! The only problem: choosing which ones to print! I highly recommend Anjeanette and plan to have her be a part of our future photo moments!
— Sheila (Mikki's mom) 2016
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Never too much fashion! Ever wanted to star in your own fashion photo shoot? No? Even if your not sure I encourage everyone to bring at least one formal outfit for the very end of the session-don’t worry it only takes a few moments to have an epic end to your senior session experience.

I love seeing seniors light up in their dressiest, bring the attitude and have fun posing. Don’t worry about being too extra-it isn’t. Your going to look amazing!

HOW FAST SMALL HANDS GROw. Your memories are so important…

your children are worth it, your life, your career matter. The right photographer for your memories matters too!

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How long has it been since your last family photo? Small hands grow so fast, and its so easy to put off portraits for another year...until your almost out of time. I make memories fun to capture, and in such a relaxed way even dad's say "Hey that was easy! " (Or at least it wasn't that bad) Don't settle for newsfeed snapshots that are impossible to locate, get the photographs yo have always wanted. And remember that children deserve photos of their parents! Anyone who has lost a parent who was camera shy can tell you how heartbreaking it is not to have any photos of their family. My style is both traditional lit posed smiling at camera AND casual candid natural light togetherness.

scottsdale family portraits, children photographer Anjeanette Photography Phx Arizona desert botanical garden Places to take family pictures Peoria Az Anthem
I highly recommend Anjeanette Photography! She has taken several photo sessions of my family and I have been very pleased every time. She is great with my children and she always seems to capture their personalities perfectly! I now have some great family photos that I will cherish forever.
— Mary Weitecha

 professional Photographs Matter because your family matters, small hands grow too fast to wait. 

save these precious moments today!

Memories for more than a newsfeed- moments for a lifetime! family PORTRAITS PEORIA AND GLENDALE AZ children & Family Photography

Anjeanette.Photography Featured in many blogs and magazines publications

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 While the term headshot is common in the acting, real estate, book author fields for promotion- not everyone in business use a corporate portrait as a reflection of professional character although they should! It's not just for marketing- it is a deliberate choice, of the career-oriented and myself, to create a portrait designed to put more effort and significance into how your work is perceived. Not a cropped phone snapshot from a friends wedding, or a selfie that while nicely lit and hitting all your angles are too casual. Those do not covey the perception that you're qualified. A headshot can be more casual to blend into your practice and career- or it can be more corporate and formal as well!

Say your scrolling through a Linked In “people to discover” list, who would you hire? Not based on attractiveness- but who looks trustworthy and professionally competent? Who looks like they put significant effort into their portrait- what would be an employee or company you would trust- the selfie or the professional headshot? Its the digital age and people WILL see your photo- you can control how others regard and appreciate you. And because I have been crafting and improving my modern headshot since 2008, I already put the “significant effort” into Modern Business Portrait Headshots so you don’t have to! Including outfit and styling suggestions, even posing and expression coaching, in a positive way to help attain career goals. Additionally, my fully mobile studio means speed and connivence and for your busy schedule!

Schedule with Anjeanette Photography, Phoenix and I’ll help you present your reliable reputation. You want YOUR portrait to be a visual representation of your businesses excellent reputation. I can help.


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Senior banners, group, & sectional portraits

Dynamic competition action shots and poised professional team photos

Arizona+marching+band+color+guard+winterguard+DCI+drum+corps+international+WGI+Peoria+Az+senior+grad+pictures+by+Anthem+Glendale+Az+high+school+portrait+photographer+Anjeanette+Photography+Phoenix.jpegArizona marching band color guard winterguard DCI drum corps international WGI Peoria Az senior grad pictures by Anthem Glendale Az high school portrait photographer Anjeanette Photography Phoenix
marching band color guard winterguard Peoria Az senior grad pictures by Glendale Az high school portrait photographer Anjeanette Photography Phoenix
marching band color guard winterguard Peoria Az senior grad pictures by Glendale Az high school portrait photographer Anjeanette Photography Phoenix Prom 2018 2019


Marching band action photos, colour and winter guard action, traditional or hi impact team individual and whole band group portraits , banners, composites, epic specialty hi fashion group & sectional photos- available for invitationals, showcases, and more!

Stunning photos to capture and express show themes and the dynamics of the production you created !

Arizona band color guard Peoria Az winterguard DCI drum corps WGI ABODA WGAZ senior grad pictures by Anthem Az high school portrait photographer Anjeanette Photography Phoenix corono del sol
marching band color guard winterguard Peoria Az senior grad pictures by Glendale Az high school portrait photographer Anjeanette Photography Phoenix