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 While the term headshot is common in the acting, real estate, book author fields for promotion- not everyone in business use a corporate portrait as a reflection of professional character although they should! It's not just for marketing- it is a deliberate choice, of the career-oriented and myself, to create a portrait designed to put more effort and significance into how your work is perceived. Not a cropped phone snapshot from a friends wedding, or a selfie that while nicely lit and hitting all your angles are too casual. Those do not covey the perception that you're qualified. A headshot can be more casual to blend into your practice and career- or it can be more corporate and formal as well!

Say your scrolling through a Linked In “people to discover” list, who would you hire? Not based on attractiveness- but who looks trustworthy and professionally competent? Who looks like they put significant effort into their portrait- what would be an employee or company you would trust- the selfie or the professional headshot? Its the digital age and people WILL see your photo- you can control how others regard and appreciate you. And because I have been crafting and improving my modern headshot since 2008, I already put the “significant effort” into Modern Business Portrait Headshots so you don’t have to! Including outfit and styling suggestions, even posing and expression coaching, in a positive way to help attain career goals. Additionally, my fully mobile studio means speed and connivence and for your busy schedule!

Schedule with Anjeanette Photography, Phoenix and I’ll help you present your reliable reputation. You want YOUR portrait to be a visual representation of your businesses excellent reputation. I can help.


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